UMJIKELEZO DESIGN blanket is inspired by Idzila which is the copper rings worn by the Southern Ndebele married women. The rings were believed to have strong cultural powers. Husbands used to provide their wives with these rings as they are a sacred symbol of her bond and faithfulness to her husband these rings use to be worn until death. Therefore the idzila is believed to be a sign of unity since a ring has no end or beginning only a united and continuous form.
When you take a close look at the umjikelezo blanket you will identify a variety of colors and shapes. On the blanket there is a black & white geometric strip that symbolises the races, the strip has circles which is our representation of Idzila to convey the message of Love and unity amongst Africans. We then enhanced the strip with the use of a multitude natural colored surfaces (red, yellow, green and blue) in order to communicate with all kinds of different tribes and ethnicities as well. The staggering pattern on the black and white strip represents the journey we took in order to go back to our roots so we can celebrate who we are.

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